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PI Experience of IMT Ghaziabad 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Surabhi Gupta on 12th Feb 2017 • 1 Views

Panelist: Difference between people in delhi and other places( since i have lived in rajasthan for 13 years.) Talked about how everyone is always running here, career options, education options here etc Panelist: How did I used my knowledge from B.tech during my job at Polaris. Me: Talked about my prior experience in website development and working for front end at office. Panelist: Why marketing? Told about my whole game plan Panelist: Why do you need 10-12 years for your restaurant? Me: Told Panelist: You have plan for what you gonna do after 10 years, what now? Me: told Panelist: what unique you gonna have in your restaurant. Told Panelist: Why startups are not doing well in India? Me: Talked about idea, risk taking capability, investments, Chinese cheap products etc. It went smooth as butter, I answered each and every question in details. They were smiling all the time.

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