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PI Experience of NMIMS 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Bhavya Desai on 9th Feb 2017 • 1 Views

For the PI, I was the 9th one in my group. So I had to wait for 2 hours for my turn. They were taking around 15 mins per candidate. There were 3 panelists. It went like this: P1: So what are your hobbies Bhavya? Me: I am a big Manchester United fan. I am a part of my college debate and dramatics team and I watch movies and TV shows as stress busters. P1: So tell me 12 rules of football. Me: (confused) ..ummm there are 11 players per side.. P2: No no. Tell us 12 things you learnt from football which you can implement in your career. Me: Ohhh. Football is a team game, this that blah blah. I told them 10 things and they finally asked me to stop. ???? (this went on for 3-4 mins. Think they wanted to see how much I could speak. They were smiling all throughout) P2: So what do you do? Me: Told them about my startup and father's business. P3: So what happens to the startup when you're doing your MBA? Me: Told them. P1: So what do you read? Me: I read the articles on my website. Besides that, I read sports autobiographies and catch up on news on my phone. P2: What do you think about Brexit? Me: Told them that the root cause was the British pride and they didn't want to associate themselves with a European Union. Said immigration and loss to economy as the ancillary causes. P3: Looking back at your life, what is the one thing you'll change? Me: Told them that I've learnt the value of money in the past 2-3 years and would cut down on my expenditure if I could go back to my past. Overall, a very good experience. No grilling. No questions about acads.

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