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PI Experience of SIBM 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Mudit Yadav on 3rd Feb 2017 • 1 Views

Extempore first - 2mins to think, 3 to speak FOR the topic) Interviewer: (As soon as I entered, Hi Abhinav. We've looked at your profile and you seem quite smart. So we expect you to not think ans just start speaking) Me: sir I'll try and be true to that. (Topic - sex education is useless in India. I opened my folder, took out a piece of paper and wrote 4 basic points and said I'm ready, took about a minute) (Spoke about how the word sex was frowned upon in public, so we as a society aren't mature to make use of sex education. Then said we're so ashamed we can't even go and buy a condom without thinking twice. Took example of baba ramdev, that someone spoke that he being a leader and all, feels ashamed if someone talks of sex) . Ended. Interviewer: so, help us understand you. Me: sir, can i give a brief intro for that? He said yes. So i spoke on points i had prepared) Interviewer: what sort of extra curriculars you did ? ( I hadn't mentioned any in the form) Me: sir, extra curriculars for me had always been things which I enjoyed doing and made me happy. So i might not have done things for merit and all, but i always kept myself occupied. Whatever i felt i Should. For instance, i am a bit into gaming. Spoke about playing 8bit games as a kid to ps3 now, as and when i get time out of my schedule. Interviewer: explain the transition from engineering to writing. Me: had prepared it in length. So tolf them. Told them not moving in the flow anymore and all decisions after 2nd year engg. Have been informed ones. Interviewer: what branch in MBA? Me: sir, I haven't decided fully yet, but having worked with various departments, i have a slight incilnaction towards marketing. Interviewer: how do we know you're not moving with the flow now? Me: sir stopped it after 2nd year of engineering. Gave them an example that transition from tech writing to project management wasn't a forced one, but my choice. Interviewer: (i had mentioned about gadgets so in-between another question he asled me if i follow CES) Me: yes sir i do, but this year couldn't follow it in detail, but did follow. It was more about TVs this year. Interviewer: what all gadget you own? Me: currently i use a OnePlus 3. Int: OnePlus 3 or 3T? Me: OnePlus 3. I bought it in August, while 3T was out in oct-Nov. Then said i owned a ps3 as well. I want a smartwatch as well, but not right now. Int: what's your dream gadget? Me: sir, I won't go into what hasn't been invented, but from the current lot. I'll go with a Smartwatch, but not in it's present form. I don't wanna charge my watch every night like my phone. Then tried to show off a bit about my knowledge there. ???? That was it.

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