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PI Experience of IIM Shillong 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Mudit Yadav on 3rd Feb 2017 • 0 Views

The interview was fairly decent. I was the first one in my Panel. Interview lasted for about 25min. There were 2 Panel members. P1 interviewed for about 15 min and then P2 interviewed. P1: Tell me something about yourself? Me: Gave a very long and rehearsed answer. P1: Something other than what you said? Me: Told him about my strengths. Told him about how self-motivated I was. (Told him that my parents were happy with me working in TCS. It was me who pushed myself to achieve greater heights) He caught hold of this point and asked why my parents were happy? Me: Big brand , job security, etc. P1: Which leaders are you inspired by? ( I had mentioned about leadership in my previous answer ) Me: Told about few leaders then mentioned Ratan Tata. P1: What do you think about Ratan Tata's decision in sacking Cyrus Mystery? Me: I gave him a detailed answer stating why it was justified. P1: Asked about 2013 companies Act Me: Didn't have a clue. P1: He then stated according to this Act, Ratan Tata removing Cyrus Mystery is against the law. Will you still justify? Me: Again gave a detailed answer (According to me right decision was taken. It had to be taken at some time considering Tata's legacy, Tata is much bigger than their profits and revenue etc) P1: How Trump's decision would affect IT companies and TCS in particular. Me: Answered. P1: What legislation they are about to pass for H1B visas. Me: Answered. P1: Trump's effect on other countries. Me: Answered. P1: Countries from which immigrants would be banned? Me: Answered. Gave the name of the 7 countries. P1: Why did US people vote for Trump. Me: Populist agent, bringing the jobs back to American ,etc. He then came to Indian politics. P1: Asked what populist schemes Modi had brought about? Me: Jan Dhan Yojana, Atal Pension Scheme, Housing scheme for all (Asked the name for this scheme....told him don't remember.) P2 took over from there. P2: Some benefits of TCS as compared to other IT companies and then asked about some disadvantages of working in TCS? Me: Answered. (Some counter questions from the answers that I gave.) P2: Some achievements in your work? Me: Answered. P2: Any arguments or conflicts with your colleague? How did it get resolved? Me: Gave a detailed answer about one particular situation. Then he came to Engineering. P2: What is Laplace Transform? Me: Didn't remember a thing about it. Couldn't answer. P2: What is control feedback system? Give an example Me: Answered. P2: Give one example in the room? Me: Told AC. Explained. P2: Asked me to design a low cost toy with the help of electronics. Given a piece of paper for it. Me: Told him about a simple 4 wheeler that could be developed with LED lights and Obstacle sensor that could turn around the vehicle if it comes across any obstacle and gave estimates about the toy. (Could have done much better here.) P2: Any other extracurricular activities other than mentioned in the PI form. Me: Told him about some events that I had organized in College.

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