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PI Experience of IIM Indore 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Mohammed Shahil on 14th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

WAT Topic : (Was in itself an essay ) in short : Everything today is dominated by science. We need more humanities. Companies looking for students with broad based education for employment. Suggest ways for universities to help students for the same. 30 min. 300 words. Interview after 2 hours waiting. 3 Panelists. P1 about 40, serious. P2 around 30, a casual guy, 24x7 smiling, always nods head in affirmance for whatever i say. Not a single qs. from him. P3 , typical 'virus', the college director in 3 idiots. Asks qs. as if he was born straight into IIT. :P Took permission, greeted them, was told to have a seat. P1: So Shahil, please introduce yourself to us. Me: Answered. P1: Saudi new happenings? ( had talked about bringing up in saudi ) Me: Answered. P1: Is saudi a democracy? Me: Answered. P1: Any more recent happenings in saudi? Me: Told 1 more then added that its been 6 years i visited there . . P1: Aah, then its okay. There is a sovereign fund, where is it coming from? Me: Am not sure but i think its from the custodian of the two holy mosques. P1: Yes, it's from that ( and his nodding of head clearly showed that i made a mistake) P1: Recently, chief guest for republic day, which country? Me: Answered. P1: GCC full form. Me: Gulf council of . . . I cant recall it sir. P1: X11 all A1, then what happened in grad? You might have tried very hard in order to achieve E and D grades in all subjects. Me: Kept smiling ( Yes sir, it was damn hard to study 2 or 3 hrs before exams and get a D grade :P ) Sir, i admit that i made a mistake, was involved in various club activities, (elaborated on that ). I am a person who, when makes a mistake, admits it , rather than fake perfection or blame others, but makes sure that never ever ll i repeat it. P1: Draw the graph of y=logx/x. Me: Took 30 seconds and drew it. Not sure whether it was correct. P1 showed eye guesture to P3. P3 started his balathkar on acads. Q1. How do you convert reciprocating motion into rotatory motion? Me: Answered. Gave example of ic engine. Q2. Different types of governor. Me: Answered one type. Q3. How do you measure vibration? Me: ( Why should you measure it as long as it works :D ) Bla bla bla about tuning fork and all. ( Not impressed ) Q4. What does vibration depend on.? Me: It depends on frequency and amplitude. Q5. Frequency or amplitude? For a higher frequency, will the amplitude be low or high? Me: ( Confused whether it actually depends ). Sir, for the same energy, amplitude ll be low. Q6. How can you measure the vibration of this table? Me: ( Please dont ask senseless questions ) Sir, i really dont know the exact method. Q7. What did you study in strength of materials lab? Me: Its been almost 2 years, so i dont exactly . . Q8. ( Interrupted) Then tell me what you learnt in electric machines lab. Me : ( bc this one was 3 years before :D ) Sir, ohm's law, galvanometer, potentiometer . . Q9. ( Interrupted) Whats a potentiometer? Me: I believe its a device to measure potential diff. between 2 points in a circuit. P1: Shahil, certain qs. are fact based and certain opinion based. We are asking factual qs. and you are giving your opinions. Me: ( If facts are beyond my scope, what else can i give ). Sir, its been a while i revised those topics so i cant recall them properly. P1: Okay, so do you have any qs? Me : ( Where the hell did that virus get lab questions from? ) No sir. P1: Thank you shahil, you can go. Me: Thank you sir, hope you all are having a good day ( especially that virus ) The end.

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