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PI Experience of IIM Indore 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|?Rajan Burman? on 14th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

WAT .. 30 mins.. topic: what do you think is the root cause of terrorism and what do you think should be done about it.. fairly simple.. 300 words. The coffee break .. damn those exotic Taj biscuits and select editions of coffee.. oo la la.. Then document verification..They are rigourous in that.. make.sure you get everything as asked.. PI: 3 people.. as far as I could make it, one always asks core technical questions.. one will ask economics finance or marketing depending on ur area of interest.. and one gives you basic mathematical problems to solve. Began with tell me about urself.. then started with the technical .. IC engine.4 stroke 2 stroke.. their diagrams n explanation .. and diesel generator.. magnetic flux and Faraday's law.. basic stuff.. Then the centre guy asked me about demand supply curves.. then I got maths problems from the third guy.. one about finding centroid(Indrajeet sir is laughing somewhere ryt now). And one from partial integration method. Then I am from IITkgp so they asked me about sundar pichai.. his company.. its parent company.. their founders..Then about H1B visa issue.. then competitors of Google.. full form of Yahoo..How do company raise capital.. is better to lend money to a company or invest in it.. and why..? Why are you not preparing for UPSC like many of ur fellow IITians.. ended with what is your assessment of yourself on your risk taking capabilities.. That was all.. Word of advice.. if you have A's and Ex grades.. i.e high grades.. in some subjects of ur undergrad.. be prepared to be grilled.. I have my grades mostly in C's and D's.. so they asked pretty general ones..Others with better grades in certain subjects have been grilled in it for 15 mins str8. The panellist is coming fully educated about topics in engineering too.. so u can't fool them.. they are picking up every word you are saying and are quick to point you out if you are moving in the wrong direction .. Best of Luck.

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