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PI Experience of IMT Ghaziabad

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Bhavya Desai on 17th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

WAT: 'Generation Y is obsessed with luxury goods.' Write 5 points for/against the topic. I wrote for the topic.
GE: We were asked to design the layout of a bank branch on a chart paper. I felt I did well. Made a couple of key suggestions.
PI: Probably luck isn't going my way. Was last (12th) for the interview. Had to wait for 2:30 hours. Same experience as IIFT. Everyone's interview lasted 15-20 mins, mine ended in 8-9 mins. Was apparent that interviewers were bored/tired.
Questions asked - what is your family background, why MBA, then moved straight to acads questions. What is Management Accounting (I said I wanted to take a guess, since I've never studied it, he didn't let me), what is Financial Accounting, what is NPV, difference between COGS and Cost of Sales, difference between Cash Flow and Fund Flow, fundamental difference between direct and indirect taxes, different types of indirect taxes, Income Tax - Direct or Indirect, who collects it, why is Accounting needed, who frames the accounting standards in India, why is it necessary.
After that, they asked me my goal for the next one year. That's about it.
Not as disastrous as IIFT, but can't say anything since IMT this time aren't giving any weightage to CAT/XAT scores. So selection will be solely on the basis of the GE-PI-WAT performance. Could've done a lot of justice to my PI had they asked me questions from my form or from current affairs, like they did with everyone else.

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