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PI Experience of IIFT 2017

by GDPI Course by Iquanta|Aman Bishnoi on 17th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

WAT - India's performance in Olympics
Decent topic. Wrote about how It could have been better and India need more infrastructure and all.
GD - Does aadhar based system helping unbanked population and rural India?
Gave my views and then piched in two times with relevant points.
PI - 3 panelists
P1- why have u shifted to startup and now to MBA after Engineering??
I - Told how Engineering led me there and how management intrigues me and all
P1- What r ur views on demonetization and Gst?
I - As I mentioned these topics in CV so I was prepared. Gave decent answers.
P2- why you wanna do MBA and work for someone else as manager when u r already running a startup?
I - Told how it will help me grow and how MBA is the way that will help me reach to the top of the ladder.
P3 - As u r interacting with youth on daily basis what are the problems Punjab facing mainly youth?
I - Talked about Education and drug problem.
Then she kept on asking solutions for these mainly drug problem. I answered accordingly.
Overall it was a chilled out interview.

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