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PI Experience of IMT 2017

by GDPI Course by Iquanta|Spandan Rout on 16th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

CT: Developing countries need trades more than aids. (decent 5 points)
GE: you are in a residential college and there is a water wastage. Design a poster campaign for reducing it and creating awareness and also innovative steps to be taken ( decent participation)
PI: 1 male ( pony tail :) ) 1 madam
1- where are you from?
2. What did you study in BTech
3. Why did u leave your Job?
- Told regarding my interest in business development platform and moreover in the construction sector it's pretty difficult for an engineer to get into that section. Have example of my manager but then they countered saying that u are basically attracted to his hifi and glamorous lifestyle. I supported saying that it may be a side factor but said what his work involves and how I wud be very much interested to go into that field.
4. What's your favorite subject?
- answered all questions
5. So you seem to be a very much competent in your technical field so why MBA and why marketing? ( IMT asks for preference during the application)
- was a bit confused as I had just applied for IMT being best in marketing. But again tried compare my boss job with marketing.
6. What your boss's qualities that u admire??
- he gives credit to all his staffs in this way he ensures that everyone takes pride in what one does and ultimately the company is at the gaining point, and also said about his leadership skills and gave a beautiful example
7- so u seem to be impressed by his personality, do u believe that that can be achieved by a formal education in management?
- I agreed and said yes it's highly possible, coz there are a lot of activities and commities and u can explore your options and choose and develop, that will surely help in improving.
8. So how do think u performed in the group exercise?
- said that the topic is too vast.Like there are many ways but being the time constraints I think I added two three valuable suggestions and I believe I was fair and good enough.

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