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PI Experience of IIFT 2017

by GDPI Course By Iquanta|Bhavya Desai on 15th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

WAT topic: 'India's engagement in South Asia: The way forward.'
Very technical topic. Wrote about how we need it in order to reduce China's stronghold in Asia. Then how in the era of deglobalization, we can explore into the available market in the developed countries like Singapore and try to secure investments from there.
CD topic: Tata-Mistry case. The group was bad. No one spoke sense. Will lose points as a group overall. Although I tried to pitch in with valid points, I couldn't capitalize simply because there was no one to back me up.
PI: Proper stress interview. Ended in 7 mins. Questions were being shot one after the other. Felt like they had already made up their minds to not select me, probably because of my age or idk. They were uninterested since the beginning. One of them was sleeping, the other was fiddling with his phone. Only one of them was looking at me.
The questions asked were:
Tell me something about yourself, what is the revenue model of your startup, who is your target audience. (moving into acads questions now) difference between internal and external audit, what is sentiment analysis, what is market segmentation, what is the difference between normal profit and supernormal profit, what is GDP, what is the difference between GNP and NNP, what are the different methods through which National Income is calculated, what is the formula of the expenditure method, what is service tax, is it direct or indirect, tax what is the difference between the two, what is the difference between the current MODVAT and GST, thank you you may go now.
They made us fill a 26 question form. No questions whatsoever from there. No current affairs questions either.

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