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PI Experience of IMT 2017

by GDPI Course by Iquanta|Arun Sharma on 14th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

1. CT- should public services like transportion be left driven by market forces?
Was against the motion. Wrote about dmrc, odd even rule, inter state transport, construction of bridges, underpass and flyovers.i thought topic is constraint to transportation so stuck to that. Many candidates involved other public services like public toilets, healthcare etc. Overall decent writeup.
2. GE- you are from syria. Your life is at risk. Will you escape or not? If yes, how will you do that? Depict using sketched, flowchart etc.
A unique exercise in all. Had fun too. Dynamics of the group kept on changing from time to time. Try not to dominate.act as a team player and go along with the group.
PI- extended hands for a hand shake. Rejected and asked me to sit. Asked about work ex. Why mba, why marketing, why imt. What you want to do in life. Apart from the profile form what extra curricular you are doing. Told them about gym and upgrading myself with world and national affairs. Asked about a recent case going in TN. Told them that sasikala was convicted for 4 years. They asked why. Told them abt dispropotionate assets that jailalitha and sasikala were having. They asked why do they have these assets? I told them.they have the power in hand but their salaries are less. For eg. President has 1.5 lakh pm only. So corrupt politicians take advantage of these powers. At last they asked about family.
Overall good experience as a first bschool call.
PS: Got loads of confidence after clearing daimler AG interview last week.
Next stop: iit kgp.

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