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PI Experience of IIM CAP Round

by CAT preparation - Iquanta|Virendra Aggarwal on 20th Feb 2017 • 0 Views

CAP-New iim's interview done and dusted
Who r u as a person.
Donald trump ,is he capable,everything abut him.
What r the cultural places in rajasthan in jaipur.
What is padmavati.History of padmavati.
Tamil Nadu politics,chief minister.
How is polo played-had ni fcking idea of rules.
No of cultural districts in rajasthan.
Famous places in udaipur- I don't Know why cause I am from jaipur.
Why mba- grilled me.
Also u will invest 11 lakh in fees .instead put it in bank.I said it's a bad financial choise.
AND THen they grilled on mutual funds.
No technical.
At last-Genuine advice to me by them-please join.the companies u r placed in .

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