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PI Experience of IMT 2017

by CAT Preparation - IQuanta|Raman Sharma on 22nd Feb 2017 • 0 Views

P1:- Tell us something about yourself
Me: Told
P1: What is your role at your organisation
Me : Told (interrupted)
P2: Whom you report to
Me : Told
P2: what you learnt while working?
P1:Why Mba
P2:Which specialisation
P1: Tell me 5 merger and acquisitions
Me :Told
P1: Give his fav eg and ask me dont you know abt this one
P2: whats your salary
Me :Told
P1: whats your manager salary
Me :Handled it very diplomatically
P2: Few organizational structure related ques who is CXO and all
P1: What is issue going on betw CEO and shareholder
P2: Whats your views
Me: Handled it diplomatically
P1: Tell us some good qualities of a maneger
Me :Told
P2:Talked about NCC and my achievements
P1:Any question you need to ask
Me: 2Basic ques asked
Both P1&P2 :-Good luck
Me:Thank you sir and have a good day ahead

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